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Best Drum & Bass Mix 2020 (Melodic/Liquid Drum and Bass)


Best of drum and bass mix 2020 🎵. Our fifth year dnb mixes! I hope you all enjoy this one as much as our previous drum & bass mixes. Happy listening! Thanks to Redemptive for mixing! ►Follow Redemptive Facebook - 🤍 Soundcloud - 🤍 Youtube - 🤍 ►Follow mommusic Facebook - 🤍 Google - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Twitch - 🤍 ~First artwork 'The Falling Astronaut' made by: 🤍 ►Tracklist: 0:00 Flume ft. Vera Blue - Rushing Back (Ekko & Sidetrack Bootleg) 2:35 Metrik - Gravity 3:41 Maduk - Colours 5:10 Opposition - Ultralight 7:01 Crissy Criss – Breath (feat. Dan Moss) 8:50 Technimatic - Breathe In 10:48 Cyantific x T & Sugah - All I Want 12:53 Friction x Kanine - Your Love 14:00 Sub Focus - Solar System 15:26 Oliverse - Unspoken (Muzzy & Oliverse Remix) 16:12 Camo & Krooked - Kallisto 18:24 Axwell - Nobody Else (1991 Remix) 20:14 Grafix - Radiance 22:05 Monrroe - Never Too Old (feat. Emily Makis) 23:32 Nelver - Private Time 25:22 Dawn Wall - Take Control 26:51 Crissy Criss & WiDE AWAKE – Real (Drum & Bass Mix) 28:43 Air K & Cephei - Reflections 30:09 Dexcel - Landscape 31:37 Bert H - Aadwark 33:29 Smote - Summertime (Nelver Remix) 35:19 Cyantific - Take Me In 36:59 Andromedik - Won't Let Go (feat. Voicians) 38:50 Blaine Stranger - Losing Myself 40:17 Fred V - Voyage 41:57 Hybrid Minds - Higher Love (feat. Charlotte Haining) 43:14 T & Sugah - Is This Love 45:02 Dossa & Locuzzed - Stella (feat. Pat Fulgoni) 47:17 In:Most - Notions 49:15 Boxplot & Ownglow - Polaroids of You 50:56 Polygon - Unspoken 51:39 Feint - Solace 52:26 Makoto & Hugh Hardie - Bluebird 53:54 Flite - Kairos 55:44 Cyantific - Vapour Trails 56:47 The Vanguard Project - Wicked Man 58:40 Dawn Wall - Legends 1:00:09 Matrix & Futurebound - Hindsight (Millbrook Remix) 1:01:48 Vorso - Strange Attractor 1:03:21 Changing Faces - Monochrome 1:05:02 Technimatic - Goodbye Kiss 1:06:40 Macca & Loz Contreras - You Were Mine 1:08:29 Grafix - Refuge (feat. Ruth Royall) 1:09:45 Redemptive - Ghost Mine 1:11:17 Camo & Krooked - Loa 1:13:27 Turno - Amazon 1:14:12 Technimatic - Let It Fall 1:16:01 Flowidus - Said & Done (ft. Reiki Ruawai) 1:17:08 Rameses b - Ivy 1:18:58 Tantrum Desire - Oblivion (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) 1:20:28 Lexurus - Crystalize 1:22:06 Vorso - Constellation 1:22:51 Zombie Cats - Before My Eyes 1:24:17 GLXY - Research & Development 1:26:10 Edlan - Meadows 1:27:37 Maduk - Company (feat. Juul) 1:29:29 Makoto & Urbandawn - Liberta 1:30:57 Kove - Le Retour 1:32:00 Dawn Wall - I Should Have Been There 1:34:09 Ownglow - Back To You 1:35:43 Minos - Illusion 1:37:13 Oakwite - Moonpool 1:39:03 Changing Faces - Hypnotic 1:40:52 Air K & Cephei x Edlan - Smiles 1:42:19 Kallan HK - Meant To Be 1:44:11 Logistics - Rhythm Track 1:45:54 Artificial Intelligence - Even Though 1:47:29 Silence Groove - Moon That Never Sets 1:48:58 MH-K - Dreamscape (Command Strange Remix) 1:50:26 Edlan & Djah - Replay 1:51:54 Aperio Ft. Koherent - Aurora 1:53:23 Redemptive - Beyond VIP 1:55:13 Bladerunner - All My Love 1:57:14 Gerra & Stone - Sprung 1:59:26 The Outsiders - Burning (feat. Ida) 2:01:18 The Prototypes - Into The Night 2:02:47 Grafix - Rain Fall Down 2:04:42 Walk:r - Stay 2:06:15 Flite - Decisions 2:08:06 Crissy Criss - Kiss The Sky 2:09:45 Macca & Loz Contreras - Feel My Soul 2:11:25 Phaction - Someone (Monrroe Remix) 2:15:06 Polaris - Kessel Run 2:16:56 Rameses B - Open Your Eyes (L Plus Remix) 2:18:45 Culture Shock - Renaissance 2:20:01 The Prototypes - Oxygen (ft. Kudu Blue) 2:21:39 Document one - Temporal 2:24:40 Rameses B - Falling (Rameses B Remix) 2:26:07 Missing - Chasing The Dragon

Liquid Drum and Bass Mix #60


Mixed by Q-Lee Feel free to subscribe, like, and comment. Enjoy Coffe: 🤍 Follow Q-Lee: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Download: 🤍 Monrroe - Dawning (Feat. Emily Jones) Degster - Falling Leaves (Original Mix) Monrroe - Days Like These (Original Mix) Degster - Walking At Night (Original Mix) Kairos - Visions (Original Mix) Colossus - The Road Nexus & Tight - Spectrum Tokyo Prose - Songbird Technimatic & LSB - Rotary Motion (Calibre Remix) Humanature & Colossus - Nothing (Original Mix) S.P.Y - Perth Sunset Monrroe - The Inevitable (Original Mix) Hybrid Minds - Meant To Be (feat. Grimm)

The Best Drum and Bass (D'n'B) Song Ever


song = The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor Remix) Download high quality! saty thanhs to "united87force" for link http://🤍downloads.nl/results/mp3/1/The+Qemists+-+Stompbox ;) enjoy! thanks for 250,000+ views guys :D

SOURCE DIRECT jungle / d'n'b set in The Lab LDN


Coors Light & Mixmag present Source Direct in The Lab LDN The Lab LDN is powered by Void Acoustics: 🤍 Still producing the mind blowing jungle twenty years on. Starting out as a duo and later becoming the solo venture of founding member Jim Baker, Source Direct is etched into nucleus of the UK’s hardcore scene. Backed by a discography dating back to the mid-90s across labels such as Astralwerks, Metalheadz and Virgin, Source Direct records stand the test of time for their visionary and twisted take on d’n’b and jungle. Source Direct output is still regularly cited as a key influence by pioneering producers of today, such as Batu, Paul Woolford and Joy Orbison, who sampled a 1996 interview with Source Direct in his 2012 club hit ‘Ellipsis’. Today, Source Direct is still firing on all cylinders. A back-to-back with Paul Woolford was the talk of Dekmantel last year, In the coming weeks he’s got gigs lined up at Budapest’s Akvárium Klub and fabric and re-releases of his 90s outings on Basement Records under the alias Oblivion are on the way. There’s also new Source Direct material which is exclusive to his DJ sets, and plans in the works for the Source Direct Recordings label. Don’t miss it. Sign up for guestlist to watch Source Direct here, and catch the live stream from 5pm GMT this Friday, February 15. Tune in live over on our Facebook page and re-watch on MixmagTV from 6pm GMT. For 2019, The Lab LDN will also shine a light on talented visual artists. This week's come courtesy of Kid Xanthrax, a multidisciplinary web presence focused primarily on animation and video art. Based in Montreal, Kid Xanthrax produces nu media 3D illustration, animation, motion design, drawings and music which has been released on their own experimental imprint Dream Disk Laboratories. Follow Kid Xanthrax on Instagram

RAGGA JUNGLE - Drum n Bass Mix (v.2)


Rasta jungle reggae drum n bass selektah for ya b-woys and gials be ready for this: 00:00 - 04:02 01. deekline and specimen a - murderer (original mix) 04:03 - 08:13 02. kursiva feat blackout ja - early in the morning (true tactix remix) 08:14 - 13:21 03. mooncat and audiomission - money run tings 13:22 - 18:07 04. deekline and ed solo - champion lover 18:08 - 21:57 05. deekline and ed solo - man down 21:58 - 25:47 06. brother culture - sound killer (ed solo remix) 25:48 - 30:53 07. deekline and ed solo - bad bwoy (original mix) 30:54 - 35:39 08. deekline and ed solo feat gala orsborn - top rankin (original mix) 35:40 - 40:25 09. ed solo and stickybuds - joker smoker 40:26 - 43:54 10. deekline and ed solo - no no no (original mix) 43:55 - 48:29 11. fleck and selecta j-man - rockstone 48:30 - 53:03 12. deekline and ed solo feat million dan - paella (original mix) 53:04 - 57:03 13. kursiva feat blackout ja - early in the morning 57:04 - 1:00:47 14. mooncat and karlixx - we want no more 1:00:48 - 1:04:43 15. sizzla - im living (ed solo and stickybuds remix) 1:04:44 - 1:09:26 16. manu chao - me gustas tu (alex r remix) #drumnbass #dnbmix * This mix had 100 000 views and some people copied it to their channels. Another people reported this mix and it was taken down (because of one song, while this song is available on other channels and mixes, here they forbid it). This is reupload of original mix without one song. *

LSB liquid d'n'b set in The Lab LDN


An hour of sublime sounds More LSB: 🤍 His new LP 'Content' is out now. Get yours here: 🤍 The Lab LDN is Mixmag and Coors Light's weekly live stream, powered by Void Acoustics, where we showcase the finest DJs direct from our world famous office party. This Friday we welcome LSB onto the decks to melt our minds with his deep and beautiful liquid d’n’b. Since putting out his debut release in 2007, Luke Beavon has maintained a staggering quality across his discography, which has seen him carve out a position as one of the UK scene’s finest figures, underlined by his role in 2015’s d’n’b track of the year ‘The View’. His productions have that transcendent quality of emotional resonance that never fails to move people on the dancefloor. See the Guide mix of solely his own material he turned in last year for an hour-long journey through his smooth and rolling approach. This month marked the release of LSB’s debut album ‘Content’ through Soul:r and it’s another stunner to add to his rich catalogue. It’s taken the prize of drum ‘n’ bass album of the month in our December issue; take a listen to the heartwrenching ‘Capture My Heart’ and you’ll quickly understand why.

Record | Drum'n'Bass by Pirate Station (24/7)


Pirate Station – крупнейший drum'n'bass фестиваль мира от Record Dance Radio. Drum'n'Bass Radio – лучшее из мира ломаных ритмов. ‼ 90+ круглосуточных каналов с электронной музыкой доступны в нашем приложении Record Dance Radio. 📱 Качайте бесплатно и заранее: 🤍 Наши другие танцевальные и электронные радиостанции:: 🤍 🔇 Проблемы с трансляцией? Сообщите нашему телеграм-боту 🤍 мы починим 🔧.

Drum & Bass Non-Stop Bangers - To Vibe/Dance To


Welcome to our new 'Drum & Bass Non-Stop Bangers' playlist. We’ll be rolling out the finest Hospital selections continuously so you can get your 174BPM fix whenever you need! Get involved in the chat room and spread love sound tracked by your Hospital favourites. Chat Commands - !spreadlove ➟ to the current track/song. !track ➟ Get the name of the current track. !previous ➟ Get the previously played track name. !spotify ➟ Find the current track on Spotify. !apple ➟ Find the current track on Apple Music. !youtube ➟ Find the current track on YouTube. !soundcloud ➟ Find the current track on SoundCloud. !google ➟ Google search the current track. !hug [NAME] ➟ send your friend a hug! !facebook ➟ Like us on Facebook. !instagram ➟ Follow us on Instagram. !twitter ➟ Follow us on Twitter. !shop ➟ Head over to our Webshop. !discord ➟ Join our Discord server. Follow Hospital Records: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

SPECTRASOUL d'n'b set in The Lab LDN


Mixmag & Coors Light present SpectraSoul in The Lab LDN New LP How We Live here: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Mixmag for more drum goodies. The Brighton-hailing duo, comprising David Kennett and Jack Stevens, first released together as SpectraSoul in 2006. For over a decade they have consistently affirmed their status as two of the most uniquely exciting producers in d’n’b world with a string of incredible releases across revered labels such as Shogun Audio, Metalheadz and Critical Recordings. Purchase it via Bandcamp. SpectraSoul maintained this hot streak on newest album ‘How We Live’ which landed last month via their Ish Chat Music imprint. It’s a hard-edged record that packs propulsive rhythms and groundshaking bassweight with a impressive depth of feeling, featuring collaborations with the likes of Solah, LSB and Madi Lane.

Drum & Bass Non-Stop Liquid - To Chill / Relax Too


Welcome to our 'Drum & Bass Non-Stop Liquid' playlist. We’ll be rolling out the finest chilled Hospital selections continuously so you can get your liquid fix whenever you need! Get involved in the chat room and spread love sound tracked by your Hospital favourites. Chat Commands - !spreadlove ➟ to the current track/song. !track ➟ Get the name of the current track. !previous ➟ Get the previously played track name. !spotify ➟ Find the current track on Spotify. !apple ➟ Find the current track on Apple Music. !youtube ➟ Find the current track on YouTube. !soundcloud ➟ Find the current track on SoundCloud. !google ➟ Google search the current track. !hug [NAME] ➟ send your friend a hug! !facebook ➟ Like us on Facebook. !instagram ➟ Follow us on Instagram. !twitter ➟ Follow us on Twitter. !shop ➟ Head over to our Webshop. !discord ➟ Join our Discord server. Follow Hospital Records: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

GOLDIE and ULTERIOR MOTIVE d'n'b sets in The Lab LDN


Mixmag & Coors Light present Metalheadz label showcase Get Goldie's NEW ALBUM 'Journey Man' here: 🤍 More Metalheadz: 🤍 The Lab LDN is Mixmag and Coors Light'sweekly live stream, powered by Void Acoustics, where we showcase the finest DJs direct from our world famous office party. On Friday May 19 we’re thrilled to be hosting drum ‘n’ bass pioneer and all-round legend Goldie alongside dynamic duo Ulterior Motive for a special Metalheadz session, in what promises to be a high-octane final Lab LDN showcase in our search for the Label Of The Decade. Goldie boasts one of the most distinguished careers in UK dance music. Metalheadz has been a hotbed for innovation and first-rate music since its inception in 1994; his personal discography is equally impressive, encompassing multiple studio albums and many timeless tunes; and he's even been awarded an MBE, which he threatened to melt following fabric’s temporary closure. After growing up in the Wolverhampton care system, Goldie’s journey to the top of the game has been explosive, which his forthcoming memoir All Things Remembered promises to chart in “uncensored, hard-hitting” detail. Ulterior Motive will join Goldie for the Metalheadz Lab LDN showcase. The South Coast-hailing pair have established themselves among the label’s esteemed roster with a string of fine releases over the past four years, including 2014 debut LP ‘The Fourth Wall’ and recent Record Store Day collaboration with Goldie ‘I Adore You’. Prior to The Lab, you can catch them helming the Rinse FM airwaves on May 17.

3.) That UK Sound - Pirates, Mcs' and D'n'B


Outro song: Margari's Kid - Miracle Check His Stuff Out!! Facebook: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 BearingUK - The Anylist Soundz (Follow Me): Instagram: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Episode 3 - Pirates, Mcs' and D'n'B A brief summary on Drum and Bass portraying the influence of UK Drum and Bass and how it has impacted the musical world. Starting from the beginning, when pirate stations started taking over the airwaves during the lates 80's through the 90s. Till now and how it has influenced the UK underground scene Credits and Music are shown at the end of the episode Please show support, subscribe and comment

24/7 Drum & Bass - Liquid, Minimal, & Jungle Playlist [PLUSH] [DNBRadio]


The PLUSH Atmospheric, Liquid, Soulful Drum & Bass from the Plush Recordings back catalogue. All music on this stream is licensed to Plush Recordings, dnbradio's 2nd record label established in 2009. . ABOUT DNBRADIO's LIVE CHANNELS: If you are looking for the actual 24/7 live DJ stream (general channel) on dnbradio, you can tune in on any mobile device at 🤍. We are unable to stream the general live DJ channel on Youtube because of continuous issues with Youtube Content ID. For simple and high-quality streaming with low-bandwidth usage, we always recommend you listen via the audio-only SHOUTcast stream which you can listen to any time and any device. The links are prominently featured on our website: 🤍 We've also stopped syncing the dnbradio chat room to this Youtube Live channel, in order to cut down on confusion about now playing info that is displayed in the chat channel. If you would like to join in on the conversation, use the links below. Thanks for your continued support! #liquiddnb #drumnbass #247 #dnbradio #studydnb #studymusic We've been streaming since 2003 and are NEW to YouTube Live! EXCLUSIVE 24/7 LOW BANDWIDTH MOBILE & WEB PLAYER: 🤍 ARCHIVES - (PODCAST STYLE RSS FEED) 🤍 TRACK HISTORY + PLAYING NEXT 🤍 WHAT'S PLAYING (Twitter feed) 🤍 Our main stream channel is via SHOUTcast, a raw MP3 stream which works on any device. FOLLOW US: Facebook Join 98K followers. 🤍 Instagram Join 6K other followers. 🤍 Twitter Join 3K other followers. 🤍 OUR RECORD LABELS: 🤍 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 *Notes: We have a new Discord Server setup. We will slowly migrate all our regular chatters over to this server. For now The main chatroom is still the IRC channel, but feel free to also join us on Discord while we grow it. IRC: Our IRC chatroom has been running for 15 years! Go there for full-featured bot and direct interaction with the chatroom people. Quakenet, #dnbradio IRC CLIENTS: Embedded Web Chat: 🤍 Minimal Web Chat: 🤍 YT CHAT COMMANDS: !np - shows now playing (more commands available on IRC). T-SHIRTS + MERCH STORE #1 Dog tags, Stickers, T-shirts SHOP #1 🤍 SHOP #2 🤍 MAIN WEBSITE 🤍 APPLY FOR A SHOW? Say "hello" to our FB Messenger 🤍 Congrats to 2017 Drum & Bass Arena Awards winners: Andy C, Camo & Krooked (Best Producer + Best Album + Best Track), DRS (Best MC), Tasha Baxter (Best Vocalist), 1991 (Best Newcomer), Hospital (Best Label), 1985 Music (Best Newcomer Label), S.P.Y (Best Remix), Noisia (Best Video), Hospitality (Best Club Night), LetItRoll (Best Festie), Marcus Intalex (Hall of Fame / Rest In Peace ), dBridge (Critic's Choice). Also big shouts to the nominees: Muzzy, AMC, Friction, MADUK, Mefjus, DJ Marky, DJ Randall, Alix Perez, Break, Dimension, Hybrid Minds, Dynamite MC, Eksman, Harry Shota, Daxta, MC Fava, Coppa, Inja, Blake, Charli Brix, SP:MC, Charlotte Haining, Jenna G, Riya, Solah, Tyler Daley, Veela, Mollie Collins, Dub Elements, Benny L, QZB, Pola & Bryson, Whiney, Dispatch, RAM, Shogun, Get Hype, Low Down Deep, Moshbit, and all the crews!

The Best Drum and Bass (D'n'B) Song Ever


For regular updates & Downloads, become a fan! - DJ TIMO T -🤍

Babylon Zoo - Spaceman (Kulture D'n'B Remix)


Babylon Zoo - Spaceman (Kulture D'n'B Remix) - a lush D'n'B remix of a classic tune :)

NASTIA minimal d'n'b set in The Lab LDN


Smirnoff Sound Collective & Mixmag present Nastia in The Lab LDN Check her Propoganda label: 🤍 The dub techno aficionado plays a very special intelligent d'n'b set for us. The Lab LDN is Mixmag and Smirnoff Sound Collective's weekly live stream, powered by Void Acoustics, where we showcase the finest DJs direct from our world famous office party and this week we welcome Nastia to The Lab. Off the back of what's potentially been her most successful year to date, the Ukrainian DJ and Propaganda Records boss will undoubtedly be taking a break from her dub techno sound to play us a very special d'n'b set. Her vinyl-only label has seen releases from Verrina & Ventura and Yate, and more are planned with artists like Rhadoo, Fumiya Tanaka, Dan Andrei and Felipe Valenzuela. Having started her career spinning at Kazantip festival and after holding a residency at Arma17 club, Nastia's done the difficult feat of gaining a huge amount of respect, not from productions, but from her DJ talent alone. Nastia plays Unleash with Soul Capsule, Steve O'sullivan, Julian Perez and Bella Sarris at Loft Studios, London this Friday. Tickets here. She then plays Altavoz in Venice with Matthias Tanzmann and Carola Pisaturo The Smirnoff Sound Collective is all about bringing fans closer to the DJs, providing up and coming talent with a solid platform and throwing unique events where fans and artists can party together. Check out more from the Sound Collective here

TECHNIMATIC d'n'b DJ set in The Lab LDN


High quality, hyper-coloured drum 'n' bass Technimatic's debut LP 'Desire Paths here: 🤍 Every Friday we stream the world's best DJs: 🤍 One of the best d'n'b labels around Shogun Audio: 🤍 The Lab is our weekly office rave up powered by Void Audio where we live stream some of the biggest and best names in dance music. For this installment we brought the sound of drum ‘n’ bass back to The Lab and welcomed one of our favourite acts in the scene, Technimatic. Known apart as Technicolour and Komatic, this duo are yet another fine act to emerge from the immense sound of Shogun Audio. Their liquid-infused mix of hyper-colour drum ‘n’ bass is perfect and quite frankly their debut LP 'Desire Paths' is one of our favourite albums this year. Re-watch 90 minutes of prime d'n'b beats below or on Mixmag TV. 'Desire Paths' is out now and you can catch Technimatic at Sun And Bass on September 6 before they embark on their tour of Australia and New Zealand in October.

NEW: Technimatic 60min liquid d'n'b mix


Pummelling liquid d'n'b of the highest calibre. Check out more great mixes here: 🤍 Technimatic's SoundCloud: 🤍 1 Technimatic 'The Evening Loop' 2 Technimatic 'Not Far To Go' 3 LSB 'I'm Not Alone' 4 Duke Robinson & The Spiralling Prism 'It's All Fine' 5 Calibre 'Key Flix' 6 Kove 'Gone' 7 Atlantic Connection 'It's Me, It's You (Mikal remix)' 8 Frankee 'Flinstone' 9 Roy Green & Protone 'Drau' 10 Chroma 'If Only You Knew' 11 LSB 'Soltice' 12 Technimatic & LSB 'Rotary Motion' 13 Technimatic 'Frozen Leaves' 14 Four Tet 'Angel Echoes (Logistics remix)' 15 Technicolour 'Centrifuge VIP' 16 Technimatic 'Solace' 17 FD 'Look Through Me (feat. Collette)' 18 Technimatic 'Sphere' 19 Phil Tangent 'Contrition' 20 Technimatic 'Intersection'

The Best Drum and Bass (D'n'B) Song Ever



Паскуда, тварь читает рэп (remix dubstep, d'n'b)


Паскуда, тварь читает рэп (remix dubstep, d'n'b) Страница Вконтакте: 🤍 Няш-Мяш House Remix (Наталья Поклонская): 🤍 Пиздабол читает рэп (remix): 🤍 Наталья морская пехота Darkstep remix (dark dubstep, d'n'b): 🤍



We also mashed chiptune and dubstep: 🤍 Be the first to get all my new music! 🤍 Leave your genre combo suggestion in the comments, or check out others I've done here: 🤍 Get this song! iTunes 🤍 Bandcamp 🤍 Spotify 🤍 Andrew: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Dave: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 DOUBLE ON GENRE: D'N'B + JAZZ (ft. BOYINABAND) | Andrew Huang 🤍 Andrew Huang 🤍

Destiny's child-Survivor(D'n'B remix)


Now that you're out of my life I'm so much better You thought that I'd be weak without you but I'm stronger You thought that I'd be broke without you but I'm richer You thought that I'd be sad without you I laugh harder You thought I wouldn't grow without you now I'm wiser You thought that I'd be helpess without you but I'm smarter You thought that I'd be stressed without you but I'm chillin' You thought I wouldn't sell without you sold nine million CHORUS: I'm a survivor, I'm not gon' give up I'm not gon' stop, I'm gon' work harder I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it I will survive, keep on survivin' I'm a survivor, I'm not gon' give up I'm not gon' stop, I'm gon' work harder I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it I will survive, keep on survivin' You thought I couldn't breathe without you I'm inhaling You thought I couldn't see without you perfect vision You thought I wouldn't last without you but I'm lasting You thought that I would die without you but I'm living You thought that I would fail without you but on top You thought that it'd be over by now but it won't stop You thought that I would self destruct but I'm still here Even in my years to come I'm still gon' be here CHORUS I'm wishin' you the best, pray that you are blessed Bring much success no stress and lots of happiness I'm better than that, I'm not gon' blast you on the radio I'm better than that, I'm not gon' lie on you and your family I'm better than that, I'm not gon' hate you in the magazines I'm better than that, I'm not gon' compromise my Christianity I'm better than that, you know I'm not gon' diss you on the Internet..cuz my Mamma taught me better than that After all of the darkness and saddness, soon comes happiness If I surround myself with positive things, I'll gain prosperity

Darude - Sandstorm (DJ SuBBuFeR D'N'B remix)


Another remix of another epic theme of DJ SuBBuFeR. More music on 🤍djsubbufer.promodj.ru. Qiwi account: 79167738326 Download: 🤍

SUB FOCUS d'n'b set in The Lab LDN


Mixmag & Coors Light present Sub Focus 60 mins of rolling d'n'b More Sub Focus: 🤍 The Soundsystem? Void. 🤍 The Lab LDN is Mixmag and Coors Light's weekly live stream, powered by Void Acoustics, where we showcase the finest DJs direct from our world famous office party. This Friday we welcome drum ‘n’ bass don Sub Focus to spin tracks for an hour. Nick Douwma became a key member of the Ram Records family after handing label boss Andy C a demo in a club 2003. He went on to create a series of late-00s bangers including ‘Timewarp’, ‘Rokit’ and ‘Could This Be Real’. In 2009 he released his self-titled debut album and followed it up with 2013’s ‘Torus’. Now he’s back with his first material since last year’s ‘Love Divine’. ‘Lingua’ is a throwback to d‘n’b’s dub roots with its hefty bassline, carnival horns and dancehall vocals courtesy of Stylo G. 2017 is shaping up to a busy year for Sub Focus with tour dates at Bristol’s Motion, Printworks in London, Amsterdam, Greece and Spain.

The Best Drum and Bass (D'n'B) Song Ever ~ 99 D'N'B TRAX 59 minutes


1.Nexus Polaris (Original Mix):Zardonic 2.Frozen Pathways:Zardonic 3.Frozen Pathways (VIP Mix):Zardonic 4.Moonlight Ceremony:Zardonic 5.Oceanic Mysteria:Zardonic 6.Hardcore Will Never Die:Zardonic feat Counterstrike 7.Systems Activated:Zardonic feat Mumblz 8.My Prey (Original Mix):Zardonic feat Syze 9.The Last Invocation:Zardonic feat. Susiah 10.Siege:Able Danger 11.The Burning Shadow (Original_mix):Aeph 12.Shrinz (Quadrant RMX):Amex + Kaiza 13.Nowhere To Run :Apex 14.Energy Lines:Apex 15.Vacuum:Audio (Vacuum / Exit Wound) 16.Collision (Excision VIP):Audio 17.The Journey (Part 2):Audio 18.Pandorum:Audio 19.Planet Fall:Audio 20.Sanctum:Audio 21.Horribly Ribbed:Audio & Donny (Songs From The Dead) 22.Meditation (feat. Noisia):Bad Company 23.Chaingang:Black Sun Empire 24.Eraser:Black Sun Empire 25.Transmission:Black Sun Empire 26.Deadhouse (Original Mix):Black Sun Empire & Jade 27.Sub Zero VIP:Blah 28.Board Steppa:BRAINCRACK 29.Thats What It Is (Optiv Remix):BTK 30.El Commando (Mindscape Remix):BTK 31.Fifty South - Original Mix:Bulletproof 32.Darkdark:Cabbie 33.Zulu (Dose Remix):Concord Dawn, Optiv 34.Maniac (Nanotek Remix):Counterstrike VIP 35.Deathstar (Forbidden Society Remix):Counterstrike VIP 36.Extreme Mutilation:Counterstrike & KC VIP 37.Killing Machine VIP:Counterstrike, SPL & Limewax 38.Something Terrible:Current Value & Donny 39.Overclock (Nanotek Remix):Current Value & Donny 40.Dark Rain (dR edit):Current Value Feat. Snow 41.The Running Man:Spor 42.Powder Monkey:Spor 43.Way Of The Samurai - Original Mix:Spor 44.The Eyes Have It:Spor 45.Awkward (Original Mix):Sw🤍t, Inside Info 46.Falling Believers:SWITCH TECHNIQUE 47.The Persecutor:Switch Technique 48.The Storyteller:Switch Technique 49.Shelter:Switch Technique & Forbidden Society 50.Liar:Switch Technique & Qmare Liar 51.Invocation:T-Psy Invocation 52.Wrong Turn :T-Psy Invocation 53.Pay Your Own Way:Tantrum Desire 54.Freeze - Original Mix:Tantrum Desire 55.Block Control:Noisia Block Control 56.Exorcism:Noisia 57.Friendly Intentions:Noisia 58.Regurgitate:Noisia 59.Block Control VIP:Noisia 60.Sacrifice:Noisia and The Upbeats 61.Dead Air:Noisia, Phace and C4C 62.No Love - Original Mix:The Riot 63.Higher :Tantrum Desire 64.Alienated:Telekinesis 65.Cortex :Telekinesis 66.Hate:Telekinesis 67.Tor (Audio Remix):The Upbeats 68.The Wretched:The Upbeats 69.Wear & Tear (ft.Trei):The Upbeats 70.Black Swarm (Death Is Warm):The Upbeats 71.Force Of Mind:Utopia 72.Rising Sun:Disept & Xmedia 73.Come with it_original mix:Dub Zero 74.Remember:Xample & Lomax 75.Dynamic Damage (Insom Remix):Qhymera 76.Planet Terror VIP:Alexander Head 77.Attitude Era :RAIDEN/NC 17/LOXY & RESOUND/BTK 78.Forcer:Forbidden Society 79.ORDERS:DECIMAL BASS and NU ELEMENTZ 80.Lost Soul (original mix):AGRESSOR BUNX 81.Studio 54:Dieselboy 82.Submission:Dieselboy 83.Broken Sword:Dieselboy 84.Barrier Break (Infiltrata + Hochi Remix):Dieselboy 85.Grunge 3 (Dieselboy + Kaos + Karl K Remix):Dieselboy 86.The Rapture:Dieselboy 87.Catherine Wheel :Dieselboy 88.Wargames '03:Dieselboy 89.Subculture (Upbeats Remix):Dieselboy 90.Houston:Dieselboy 91.Mass Hysteria (Hive Remix):Dieselboy 92.Paradise Lost (D-Star Remix):Dieselboy 93.Midnight Express:Dieselboy & Evol Intent & Ewun 94.Atlantic State (Technical Itch & Dieselboy) :Dieselboy 95.Get Back (Original mix):Blokhe4d feat. Dieselboy 96.The Kill:30 Seconds To Mars (Rock) 97.Sen 'Em To Hell:Hamilton 98.Cant Take It:Nero feat Alana 99.Fury-The Origin:Goldie (missing track) ~ watch?v=8MT4vqOEtqc

UFe • MAS QUE NADA d'n'b remix (RUMBERTO EKO edits EP) • www.vrtw.life


Buy Vinyl or Digital "RUMBERTO EKO edits EP" at vrtw.bandcamp.com. "MAS QUE NADA (d'n'b remix)" produced by UFe aka RUMBERTO EKO. 🤍vrtw.life facebook.com/vinyl.rum.tapas.wine A Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine original production.

OX7GEN d'n'b set in The Lab Mumbai


OX7GEN with a electric drum n' bass set in The Lab Mumbai with Mixmag & Budweiser. Mixmag and BUDX launched The Lab Mumbai for an exclusive run of events celebrating both international and Indian artists and culture. The BUDX series celebrates urban culture, art and music with international and local talent. Learn more at BUDX.MIXMAG.NET Venue: antiSOCIAL 🤍facebook.com/antisocialmumbai Streamed by: lefthandright.in

Deep & Dark D'n'B mix 2019


For better audio quality : 🤍 Playlist : 01. Nooch - Justice 02. Submarine & Scepticz - Shingoki 03. Skeptical - Duck Soup 04. Whiney & Inja - Flashlight 05 . QZB - Backstab 06. Jam Thieves - Checkmate 07. Break & DLR - City Slickers 08. Ulterior Motive, Quadrant & Iris - Intuition 09. Need For Mirrors - Lambo 10. InsifeInfo - Mirrored 11. Nickbee - Get It Closer 12. Kasra, Enei & Bou - No Logos 13. Alix Perez & Fracture - Realise 14. Cnof & Impish - Mind Crasher 15. Kyrist - Force Of Habit 16. Dub Head - What's Happened 17. Total Science & Script - Devil's Gate 18. Edit - So True 19. Kanine - Dubplate Soldier 20. Mefjus, Camo & Krooked - Kallisto 21. Break - Strictly Entertainment 22. HLZ - Kronos 23. Ulterior Motive - Trip Hammer 24. Bredren & One87 - Fall 25. Kasra - Chrome Tapes 26. Enei & Jakes - Pay The Cost 27. Ulterior Motive, DLR, Kid Drama & Hydro - Dredger 28. Black Sun Empire & Nymfo - Surge Engine 29. Houbass, Skacko & Lifesize MC - Brain Decay (R Flyer remix) 30. Qo & Trilo - Push It To The Limit 31. Fatloaf - Samurai (Gydra VIP) TaK on Mixcloud : 🤍 TaK on Instagram : 🤍nicotak60

Preview 2 Спокойной Hочи Mалыши D'n'B Remix V2 Effects


- Request Videos here: 🤍 - Inspired by: 🤍 - #OwnIdeas #Effects #RussianCommercial - Add me on Discord: Jimmyhogs#0001 - Thank you for Watching! See y'all later! -

Bad Paris Feat. Mimoza - I Heart U (Stomax D`n`B Remix) - Official Audio


Suscríbete al canal oficial de Clipper's Sounds / Subscribe to Clipper’s Sounds Official channel 🤍 Cómpralo / Buy it iTunes: 🤍 Beatport: 🤍 Escúchalo / Listen Spotify: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Bad Paris Ft. Mimoza - I Heart U (Stomax D`n`B Remix) Descubre nuestros últimos videos / Check our latest videos 🤍 Si te ha gustado, no te pierdas nuestros top videos / If you liked it, don't miss our top videos 🤍 Sigue nuestras novedades / Discover our new releases 🤍 Contacto / Contact clipperssounds🤍clippersmusic.org Síguenos / Follow us Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Clipper's Sounds has emerged as a leader in the dance and electronic music in Spain, encompassing all sub styles derived.

Brutal Protest / SubFocus - Dzak i Boo (D'N'B RMX) Banja Luka Rap


🤍 beat by SubFocus - Rock it

DJ LUCK & MC NEAT UKG and d'n'b set in the Lab LDN


Coors Light & Mixmag present DJ Luck & MC Neat in The Lab LDN (Snowbombing Takeover) DJ Luck & MC Neat present MC CREED, MC DT, MC VIPER, MC CKP, MC ULTRA, MC PSG, MC SKIBADEE, MC SHABBA. To have these legends all on one stream? Madness. 🙏 The Labs are powered by Void Acoustics: 🤍 Forming just prior to the turn of the millennium and instantly securing three consecutive Top 10 singles, DJ Luck & MC Neat are old skool legends who are still going strong. With roots in UKG, house and jungle, the duo have been moving dancefloors for more than two decades with their impeccable tracks and sets. In 2020 the pair are launching their ‘DJ Luck & Mc Neat presents…’ events tour, kicking off with a marathon 18 hour party at London’s Studio 338 on August 22.They also have new music coming this year. 🤍 Snowbombing takes place in Mayrhofen, Austria, from Monday April 13 to Saturday April 18. This year’s edition marks 21 years of Snowbombing, and a line-up featuring heayweights such as The Streets, Chase & Status, Foals, Loyle Carner, Kurupt FM, Rudimental, Sub Focus, Holy Goof and many more. To match the thrills of the music, there's endless opportunities to try skiing or snowboarding, relax in the luscious spas & saunas and give alpine yoga a go, alongside the igloo raves and woodland parties. Tickets are on sale now from £259, head to Snowbombing's website for further details.🤍

D'N'B - Когда мысли ни о чем


Не судите строго.

Guru @ MyDays 2020 d'n'b DJ set


Dj set recorded for MYDAYS Digital Online Festival 2020 by Guru Links : 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartel – Helldorado (Ata's Tracer D'N'B Mix) [EPC 669431 2]


Label: Epic – EPC 669431 2 Format: CD, Maxi-Single Country: Hungary Released: 2000 Genre: Electronic Style: Drum n Bass Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Sony Music Entertainment (Hungary) Kft. Copyright © – Sony Music Entertainment (Hungary) Kft. Made By – VTCD

Milan Srdanovic feat. Filip Tancic - D'n'B Groove/Provera Mikrofona


Filip Tančić - Bubnjevi Milan Srdanović - Bas

Club Kung Fu ( D'n'B Remix) - Vanilla Ninja


I don't own anything. Just enjoy the music :) Lyrics: What`s up Come on it`s Friday evening Can't wait to go to the party I know a place where we all should go Check out Just around the corner Best place can`t be any cooler Come along and enter to the party zone No suburban angel Been in lots of danger Once even kicked Bruce Lee Hey you, welcome to the party Me and girls feeling kinda naughty Dealing with hardcore fighting Hangin' at the Club "Kung-Fu" Chill out, 'cos you`re at the party Me and girls already gettin` started Dealing with hardcore fighting Hangin' at the Club "Kung-Fu" Zoom this You`ll always remember What you see can`t get any better Hottest people ever seen in whole downtown Hear that DJ playin' a record Best thing after Def Leppard Jump up, we`ll be rockin` up this place No suburban angel Been in lots of danger Once even kicked Bruce Lee Hey you, welcome to the party Me and girls feeling kinda naughty Dealing with hardcore fighting Hangin' at the Club "Kung-Fu" Chill out, 'cos you`re at the party Me and girls already gettin` started Dealing with hardcore fighting Hangin' at the Club "Kung-Fu" Hey you, welcome to the party Me and girls feeling kinda naughty Dealing with hardcore fighting Hangin' at the Club "Kung-Fu" Chill out, 'cos you`re at the party Me and girls already gettin` started Dealing with hardcore fighting Hangin' at the Club "Kung-Fu" Dealing with hardcore fighting Hangin' at the Club "Kung-Fu"

Polyend Tracker Sunset D‘n‘B


Inspired and motivated by 🤍_isbtn_ #polyend #tracker #drumandbass #dnb #chill #trackermusic #breaks #breakbeat #fast #sunset #producer #beatmaker #outdoor #mobileproducer #samples #chords #mood #jungle #music #instamusic #breakbeats #garden 🤍madeinpolyend 🤍_isbtn_

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